STB Pro and utf8mb4

Starting from version 4.2 WordPress supports MySQL charset utf8mb4, and determines the possibility of using it automatically according to the version of MySQL (must be 5.5.3+). Some users use a special versions of MySQL (for example 5.5.42-cll) that must but does not support this charset. As a result – error when creating the table with all the consequences.

What to do? Below is a small instruction how to combat this problem.

Open phpMyAdmin or if you do not have access to it install any of the plugins that allows you to run SQL scripts (for example: SQL Executioner, MiwoSQL etc.). You need to execute two SQL scripts.

The first:

This script creates a style table and set its charset to utf8. Do not forget to change [PREFIX] to the real prefix of your database (usually wp).

The second:

This script fills in the table with the default data. Do not forget to change [PREFIX] to the real prefix of your database (usually wp).

After completing both scripts, go to “Themes” page of the plugin and activate any theme.

That’s all. Good luck!

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